Merry Christmas from the Book Length Project Group

The Book Length Project Group finished the year on some big questions.

How do you know where to end a story?

How do I show the chemistry between my characters?

For the love of all things literary, should my book be in first or third person point of view?

They’re not afraid to go deep, these people. But that’s what you’d expect from

  • a memoir writer exploring the influence of books and music on her youth
  • the creator of a thousand year old elf with a difficult marital history
  • a former medic exploring the big questions of personal growth and medical ethics
  • a published author wrestling with translating her novel from Spanish to English
  • a world-builder working on a debut novel
  • a published author about to send her next book out into the publishing world.

Do these sound like your people and your questions? If they do, come and join us in 2023 as we keep working on our book length projects. The BPLG would love to meet you and wish you all a very merry Christmas.

The Book Length Project Group meets on the third Sunday of every month at Mattie Furphy House in Swanbourne. All FAWWA members and friends are welcome. If you would like to join us, please go to The Fellowship of Australian Writers WA (

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One thought on “Merry Christmas from the Book Length Project Group

  1. Hi Karen

    Merry Christmas and a wonderful HNY to you both.

    I have every intention of joining the Sunday book length group in 2023!! I hope nothing gets in the way, like in 2022.

    I made an assumption that you would be at the FAWWA Christmas party. Emma told me you were in South Africa – trust you’re having a wonderful time. I took along my copy of Castaways for you to sign ha ha. Next year now!! We’re off to NZ next week, so I’ll have it my bag – my holiday read.

    Take care, have fun and thanks for all that you do.

    Cindy xx

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