As a general rule, human babies arrive one at a time. Book babies turn up in their thousands, kind of like spiderlings. The human baby who shared his gestation period with The River Mouth is now at home with his Mum, Dad, Nanny, and Pa, enjoying a period of confinement that we don’t see so much in the west. He is living his best life and we love him.

The River Mouth spiderlings aren’t doing confinement. They don’t need feeding or handing off to Nanny for a burp and a nappy change. They have been shipped out into the world and are now watched over by hundreds of booksellers. There might be one near you. This Saturday is Love Your Bookshop Day and I’ll be showing my local booksellers some love by spending time in their shops and saying hello to my spiderlings. I hope you get a chance to get out there too, either in person or online.

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