Sixty Five Roses

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Dr Gabriel Beaufort, charming, brilliant, and adored by his critically ill patients, is found dead at the Ghost Walk. From the fourth-floor window of the university hospital, Ruby Rose Gillespie watches the forensic team and listens to the gossip on the ward. She remembers her surgery five years ago, when Dr Beaufort cut open her chest and replaced her failing lungs with a new pair, and the relationship that blossomed afterwards.

As she recovers from the infection that put her in hospital on the night of the murder, Ruby revisits the passage of their relationship, from their childhood, university life, and reconnection when Ruby joined the lung transplant list. She finds a clue to Gabriel’s death in her own house, delves into the hidden parts of his life, and discovers the secrets behind his success. She realises she might have the key to solving how he died.

As Ruby approaches the fifth anniversary of her transplant, her life is again in crisis, and she makes it her mission to find out who killed Gabriel, while protecting her own fragile identity and borrowed lungs.

Sixty-Five Roses will be published by Fremantle Press in 2025.

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