Understanding your readership

Last month, the Book Length Project Group welcomed new members for 2023 and inducted them into BLPG chocolate biscuit etiquette. We also started our year by asking the tricky question of who are our readers. Why should I know my readers? Why indeed? We’re not marketing people, we’re writers. And if we write directly to…

Researching Your Novel

Stories that require detailed research – historical novels, say, or true crime – seem like too much hard work to me. Writing 80,000 words takes a long time. Why would a writer want to spend extra hours delving into a subject that is not readily accessible? As I discovered with my first novel, research isn’t…

Back Story

Do you have a love-hate relationship with prologues and flashbacks? Do you even know why? Click here to benefit from the Book Length Project Group’s therapy session on writing back story.

The End

Last month, the Book Length Project Group got deep and meaningful. How do we know when our manuscript is finished? Is finishing enough? Do I really need to publish my life story? How good was Emma’s rocky road? Find out the answers to a writer’s biggest questions here…

Raising the Stakes

This month, the Book Length Project Group ate chocolate biscuits and discussed raising the stakes. How do you create tension and anticipation? And who ate the last chocolate biscuit? Read on…


Do you want to steeple your fingers in satisfaction like Mr Burns from The Simpsons? Hear what the Book Length Project Group has to say about plotting.


Book babies are like spiderlings, arriving in their thousands and cast out into the world.


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