34 weeks

Rockmelons are juicy and delicious. Good rockmelons are heavy for their size, firm, and on the yellowish side of green. They contain lots of water (90%), Vitamin A, C, and potassium. I didn’t much like them as a kid (I preferred watermelon) but apparently I’m on my own there. Pages 203-252 of my old WhatContinue reading “34 weeks”

No Dumping Allowed

This month in the Book Length Project Group we talked about information dumping. How do you get information to your readers without becoming a bore?

Six Months

At six months, a fetus is the length of a spring onion and might be giving mum reflux. Book babies don’t do that.

Deep Fiction

You know depth in writing is a good thing to have. But what is it, why is it important, and how do you make it happen? Here are some thoughts from the Book Length Project Group.

Sixteen Weeks

The list of What You May Be Feeling in my dog-eared pregnancy bible, What To Expect When You’re Expecting, is getting longer. Happily, morning sickness is over, but I’m still tired and getting hungry. A four month old fetus is the size of an avocado, which I used to serve mashed to my own babies.Continue reading “Sixteen Weeks”

Eight weeks

At eight weeks, a human embryo is the size of a kidney bean and has a beating heart. I know this, because I saw an ultrasound of one this week. According to my copy of What To Expect When You’re Expecting with its broken spine and rippled pages, if my book was a human baby,Continue reading “Eight weeks”


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