One week to go

Publication day is a week away and instead of putting my feet up and reflecting on all the good work I’ve done to get to this point, I spent the day doing the equivalent of a household spring clean. I searched my emails for copies of my contracts and put them in a Writing file, I located my receipts and invoices, and I created a spreadsheet of the events that I am attending over the next six weeks.

Expectant parents of real, human babies often nest in late pregnancy. I did it when I was pregnant with my kids. We get the urge to vacuum, mop, dust, and launder right at the time when we are carting around a near-term baby (or babies in my case) and are guaranteed to be exhausted by the activity. The nesting urge makes sense when you are expecting to welcome a fragile bundle of humanity into your home; you want your home to be clean and everything in reach. I’m not so sure about book babies. I did anticipate becoming increasingly hysterical as publication day approaches though.

See you in a book store next week!

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